1. WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR PRODUCTS?  I no longer am selling at the Farmer's Markets on a regular basis.  Instead I take orders and do meetups to deliver the product.
  2.   HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER?  You can message me thru FB or email me at .  If you are an established customer you may text me directly.  
  3. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM ORDER?  The minimum order on muffins and cookies is one dozen.  The minimum order or brownies, scones and biscuits is a half dozen.  I bake to order, which is why I have a minimum in place, I have to minimize waste to stay in business.   
  4.   DO YOU DELIVER?  No I do not deliver as a general rule, although I do make exceptions.  I might be willing to deliver to your home or business depending on the location and a minimum order will apply.  I may ask for a small delivery fee.  Ask me and I will do my best to work something out for you.
  5.    DO YOU SHIP?  No, I do not ship my products because it is prohibited under the Texas Cottage Food Law which makes it possible for me to legally operate my business out of my home.  Even if I could, I would not feel comfortable doing so as I do not add any preservatives to my baked goods and I would be worried about spoilage.  
  6. DO YOU PROVIDE NUTRITIONAL DATA ON YOUR PRODUCTS?  Yes, I always label all the ingredients in my products, including the required labeling of major allergens, directly on the packaging.   The information is also available here on the website.  I offer nutritional counts, focusing on total carbs, fiber, net carbs, calories, fat and protein.  I offer the nutritional information as a courtesy it is not required by law.
  7. HOW DO YOU CALCULATE THE NUTRITIONAL DATA?  I am not a dietician or a nutritionist.  I do not use an app to calculate.  I do it the old-fashioned way calculating the total for each recipe and then dividing it by the number of servings.  I do my very best to be as accurate as possible.  
  8.   WHY DID THE INFORMATION OF THE PACKAGING CHANGE SINCE I LAST BOUGHT THIS ITEM?  Sometimes I make a change to the recipe or I may change the serving size or source an ingredient these cases I will make an adjustment to the nutritional counts.
  9.   WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE CHEESECAKES, OR DINNERS?  Some items are prohibited by the State of Texas for Cottage Food Operators to sell.  I have to follow the guidelines set by the State of Texas.
  10.   CAN I SWAP SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS FOR DARK?  Yes, I can swap out the dark chocolate chips for semi-sweet or even milk chocolate or white chips.  I use Lily's Chocolate Chips and they are sugar free.  The ingredients vary some on the different varieties, but the carb count is about the same.  
  11. HOW DO I PAY?  I take cash on delivery of your order or I can also take Paypal.  You may also pay with a credit card at the time of delivery. For large orders or first-time customers, I may require pre-payment.  
Hi, I am Amanda the owner of Krazy Good Keto.  Krazy Good Keto is a small, home based, small batch bakery in Driftwood, Texas.  As someone who follows a keto diet I began to experiment with different recipes in order to keep my family happy.  After sharing some of my baked goods with friends who also ate keto or low carb, my friends began to encourage me to offer my baked goods for sale at the Farmer's Market.  I am now baking to order and am not selling at the Farmer's Markets on a regular basis.  Running Krazy Good Keto has allowed me to contribute to my family's income while still spending the maximum amount of time with them. Thank you so much for visiting my site and I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully meeting you at the market!